Gentle Yoga in Ulvik

During the first session we get a gentle warm up with focus for breath, allignment of the body, finding core strength and deep relaxation. Followed by a more dynamic session with ''sun salutations'', build-up to peak positions and deep relaxation in the end of the class. Suits all bodies and ages. The classes are ''HOP-IN''. This means that you can pick any date you wish and experience a yoga class whether you are a beginner or experienced. You can attend several dates or mix classes in Ulvik and/or in Osa. If you attend more classes, Devika will have attention for the progress you make and follow up on a personal base. Included - Instructor/guide. - Yoga mats. Difficulty and Safety - For all ages. No specific physical condition required. Clothing & Equipment - Recommended to wear sportive/flexible clothing.


Determine where you are and where you are going. Learn to find your way with a map and compass or learn to interpret natural signs and elements to determine your location. Orientation and navigation should be basic skills - often underestimated - when you are exploring nature. We give you a theoretical and practical introduction to the use of a topographical map together with a compass. You can do much more with a compass than only finding your way north! Details - Theory about geographical maps, theory about compass. Practice in the field with exercises. - With this interactive workshop you learn how to use map and compass in various way so you can find your way back home again! Included - Instructor/guide - Use of compass per participant - Geo map - Packed lunch + drink Difficulty and Safety No specific physical condition needed. Not recommended for children younger than 12 y. Theory is quite demanding. Clothing & Equipment Recommended to wear wind/rainproof/warm clothes sturdy waterproof boots.


Indoor private archery practice with experienced instructor. After a short safety instruction and demonstration, customers can try their skills on this 10 meter long indoorrange. Program: - Activity is being held in indoors archery range in the B-Active Center - Archery instructor will give safety and technique instructions before practice will take place. Details: Activity duration: 2 hours 1 to 8  participants Included: - Archery equipment - Safety instructions. Difficulty and Safety - Archery is available for any age. No special requirements expected. - Instructor constantly oversees safety during archery practice. Clothing & Equipment - Archery range is indoor. No special clothing required. - Arm / wrist protection available.


Many things you see around you in nature can be used for nutrition, and you might be surprised how good these can taste. In this workshop you will learn to recognize edible plants that grow in the wild. An experienced instructor takes you into the nature. You will get to use didactic material finding a number of plants in nature. You learn to use the roots, flowers, stems, seeds, nuts, grains and insects both for food and medicine. Of course you also get to taste everything we find. After this workshop, nature will become your favorite supermarket. Included - Instructor/guide - Tasting samples Difficulty and Safety - All ages. No specific physical condition needed. Clothing & Equipment - Recommended to wear wind/rainproof/warm clothing.


A workshop that will light your spark of curiosity. It consists of two parts.  In part one we explain the science of fire, the chemical process, and some theory. In part two we teach the many ways of how to make fire using natural elements such as flint, birch, pine, fungus and others. Then you get to try a few of these ways yourself. Let’s see if you can get a fire going… the primitive way. Included - Instructor/guide. - Instructive materials. Difficulty and Safety - For all ages. No specific physical condition required. - Note: Careful with cotton and synthetic clothing since they easily catch fire, whilst creating sparks for making the fire, or by the fire itself! Clothing & Equipment - Recommended to wear wind/rainproof/warm clothing.


There is more to fishing than just throwing a line with a hook into the water. An experienced instructor will teach you the basics of how to fish. First there is some theory about fish, their habitat, behaviour, habits and what they like to eat.  Also the basics about equipment and materials. In part 2 you will get to practice to choose and hook bait, some knots and eventually throwing a line. Let’s see if you can put some fish on the menu for dinner. Included - Instructor/guide - Rental of fishing equipment Difficulty and Safety - All ages. No specific physical condition needed. Basic fishing skills required. Clothing & Equipment - Recommended to wear Wind/Rainproof/Warm clothes.


Flint knapping is a rare skill that takes years to learn and perfect. People in the Stone Age were highly skilled and experienced and produced magnificent tools and weapons. Flint is actually “silex” stone and has a rare characteristic; it is predictible how and where it will break when hit with a stone, or antler.  An experienced instructor will help you to make your own arrowhead or stone-age knife. We give you a basic introduction into silex- and flintknapping techniques. Included - Instructor/guide - Safety glasses & Gloves & equipment for the activity - A flint knife with leather handle for each participant to take along Difficulty and Safety For all ages. No specific physical condition needed. Clothing & Equipment Though this could be an indoor event, it is still recommended to be foreseen of wind/rainproof/warm clothing.


Short workshop to invite people in a friendly and interactive way into using the natural environment as a tool. We show customers how they can make a fire with simple tools and let them try some tasting samples from all natural ingredients. Included - Everything that is needed for the workshop. Difficulty and Safety - The Nature Workshop is intended for all ages - Qualified instructor will oversee safety during workshop. Clothing & Equipment - Wear clothing appropriate to the weather.


The “Osa Kafeen” is an historic house, built in 1917 to be used as a café during the Construction of the Hydro Power plant. After 1923, it has never again served as a café until B-Nature has renovated the place and turned it into a small “nature/wilderness museum” in 2010. Since then it has served as a pancake restaurant and reception for guests of Hardanger Basecamp. Many tourists, small and large groups combined a visit to Osa with our famous Belgian pancakes. The “Nature Talk” is the “Back to Nature-Back to Basics story. It is all about nature, edible plants, and the use of natural products. An experienced instructor will entertain your group with an interactive talk and making you reflect on the question wether we are as “advanced” as we think we are. He will explain the principles of flintknapping, make fire using basic natural items an a lot more interesting things. You will also get to taste different homemade products and edible plants or roots, and we play a little guessing game. This always results in surprised reactions. In between every participant is served 2 pancakes, coffee or tea. Included - Instructor/guide. - Demonstrations - Tastings - 2 pancakes + coffee/tea Difficulty and Safety - All ages. No specific physical condition needed. Clothing & Equipment - Since the Nature Talk is an indoor workshop, no specific clothing or equipment are necessary for the activity.


Learn to use rope, knot and lashing techniques and experience how creative you can be with such a simple tool. In a bushcraft / survival setting, rope is a very important tool to take with you for safety and for construction. We go in the field and practice what we learn. Detail - Depending on weather conditions, this workshop can also take place indoors. Included - Instructor/guide - Materials used during workshop Difficulty and Safety - For all ages. No specific physical condition needed. Clothing & Equipment - Recommended to be foreseen with wind/rainproof/warm clothes.


We take you back on an imaginary trip to the Stone Age! During 1 day, you have to survive wild animals, find food, make fire, hunt, in short, you get to experience how it is to live as a stone-age man or woman. Today, you will prepare your meal yourself with mostly found edibles from nature. Then you get to cook this food in the pre historical way… in the ground! We will show you other age-old skills for making fire and making a flint knife. We will look into edible plants, hunting and learn to throw the “Atlatl” a prehistoric hunting weapon. If you survive this day, we reward you with your personal leather shafted Stone Age knife. Details - If enough participants, we turn this program into a “role play adventure game”, where everyone becomes a member of a stone age clan, with a specific position such as chief, hunter, medicine man, firemaker, flintknapper. Included - Instructor - Lunch + Snack / drinks - A personal Stone Age Knife made in Flint (silex) Difficulty and Safety - For all ages above 12 years. Children younger than 12 may participate, if accompanied by parents and after having contacted the B-Active management to discuss condition and requirements regarding the child. - No specific experience needed. Clothing & Equipment - Recommended to wear wind/rainproof/warm clothing and sturdy boots.