It might come as a surprise that also birds love Ulvik as a holiday destination.

Because of the huge variety in terrain and vegetation you can come across many different species. From water birds on the tidal grounds in Ulvik and Osa to birds of prey high up in the mountains.

In short…bird watching enthusiasts can have an excellent day.

- Guide
- Transport
- Lunch package and drinks
- binoculars

Difficulty and Safety
- All ages. No specific experience needed.

Clothing & Equipment
- Recommended to wear wind/rainproof/warm clothing.


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Norway has an incredible landscape where wildlife is found in great varieties. Hobbyists will definitely find joy in watching birds here in Ulvik and Osa!

A local specialist studies and maintains the biotope for all bird species that call the Hardanger region their home.

Right in the middle of the Ulvik fjord, there is an island that is part of a protected nature reserve. These tidal grounds are ideal for water birds. Locals constructed a bird spotting cabin that is looking out over this nature reserve.

Whether you stick to land or sea, you can always find and enjoy the varying wildlife in both Ulvik and Osa.



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