The Ulvik quiz quest takes you on a comfortable walk through town and tells you about the history, the culture and fun facts about Ulvik.

We hand out a route description with a questionnaire. Along the route there are 17 questions to be answered. You have to search around a bit to be able to find the answer. Beware for “Trick” questions.

- Activity to be booked in the Activity center

- Quiz question/answer sheet + pen.
- Map with directions + checkpoints + points of interest.

Difficulty and Safety
This tour is intended for all age groups. No special requirements or experience are expected.
No basic physical condition required.

Clothing & Equipment
Wind/rainproof clothing suitable for rainy weather.



At the B-Active Center you can buy the quiz quest.

During the quest, you’ll get to see that Ulvik has a true heart for poetry. Get inspired and try to write your own poem.

Norwegians know not only how to dig tunnels, they can also build bridges! Find out how they did it, long time ago.

The church of Ulvik holds an interesting story and a look inside is defenetely recommended!

The old water powered grain/corn mill displays interesting pictures and information about the building and how it was built.

Can you guess which kind of fish there are to find in the waters of Ulvik?



  1. Ulvik