Today, you are in a role-play survival situation. After a 3 day hike in the middle of nowhere, You are left alone. You have no clue where you are and have to find your way back to civilization and during that trip…”stay alive”.

How does that work? Step by step we introduce to you the 4 basics of survival (shelter, water, food and fire) with theory and practice. You need to fully understand these before you can survive in the wild. We take you out into nature, instruct, demonstrate and support you while trying these new skills yourself. Every participant gets a “Survival Belt” which consist of many tools and items that become useful during the survivaltrip. Knife, rope, compass, water canteen, flint, firesteel and many more.

- Instructor/guide
- Packed lunch + drink
- Use of the “survival belt”

Difficulty and Safety
- All ages. No specific physical condition needed.

Clothing & Equipment
- Recommended to wear wind/rainproof/warm clothes and sturdy boots.



Guests receive a warm welcome with a drink in the Osa kafeen.

Our instructor first tests you regarding your survival knowledge and skills. Then you will get the “Survival Belt”.

The 4 basics of survival are FOOD, SHELTER, WATER, FIRE. And will be taught and practised all day.

Packed lunch included and of course natural ingredients we find on the way.