We take you back on an imaginary trip to the Stone Age!

During 1 day, you have to survive wild animals, find food, make fire, hunt, in short, you get to experience how it is to live as a stone-age man or woman.

Today, you will prepare your meal yourself with mostly found edibles from nature. Then you get to cook this food in the pre historical way… in the ground!

We will show you other age-old skills for making fire and making a flint knife. We will look into edible plants, hunting and learn to throw the “Atlatl” a prehistoric hunting weapon.

If you survive this day, we reward you with your personal leather shafted Stone Age knife.

- If enough participants, we turn this program into a “role play adventure game”, where everyone becomes a member of a stone age clan, with a specific position such as chief, hunter, medicine man, firemaker, flintknapper.

- Instructor
- Lunch + Snack / drinks
- A personal Stone Age Knife made in Flint (silex)

Difficulty and Safety
- For all ages above 12 years. Children younger than 12 may participate, if accompanied by parents and after having contacted the B-Active management to discuss condition and requirements regarding the child.
- No specific experience needed.

Clothing & Equipment
- Recommended to wear wind/rainproof/warm clothing and sturdy boots.



The Stone-Age day starts in Osa with an initiation in determining edible plants. Then we go and pick our lunch.

Then we learn about prehistoric cooking techniques without pots or pans.

We need fire to cook our food. No lighter, no matches... Get to know the secrets about making fire with only natural materials. Then it’s up to you to get a fire going. No fire…no food!

After lunch, we learn to make ourselves some tools. We do this out of silex (flint stone). The instructor will show how to work flint and shape tools.


  1. Ulvik