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Fra NOK 350

Learn to use rope, knot and lashing techniques and experience how creative you can be with such a simple tool.

In a bushcraft / survival setting, rope is a very important tool to take with you for safety and for construction.

We go in the field and practice what we learn.

- Depending on weather conditions, this workshop can also take place indoors.

- Instructor/guide
- Materials used during workshop

Difficulty and Safety
- For all ages. No specific physical condition needed.

Clothing & Equipment
- Recommended to be foreseen with wind/rainproof/warm clothes.

Fra NOK 350

Bestill nå! Forespørsel


In this workshop, an instructor will show for how many things you can use a rope, making the easiest and more advanced knots.

You can be very creative with rope and make nice souvenirs!

Learn to use rope for safety and securing during climbing.

The amount of different knots is endless. We will teach you a few of these knots that are easy to learn.