Flint knapping is a rare skill that takes years to learn and perfect. People in the Stone Age were highly skilled and experienced and produced magnificent tools and weapons.

Flint is actually “silex” stone and has a rare characteristic; it is predictible how and where it will break when hit with a stone, or antler. 

An experienced instructor will help you to make your own arrowhead or stone-age knife. We give you a basic introduction into silex- and flintknapping techniques.

- Instructor/guide
- Safety glasses & Gloves & equipment for the activity
- A flint knife with leather handle for each participant to take along

Difficulty and Safety
For all ages. No specific physical condition needed.

Clothing & Equipment
Though this could be an indoor event, it is still recommended to be foreseen of wind/rainproof/warm clothing.



This craft will show you that flint knapping is not so easy as it appears. Learn the basics of flint knapping and make your own piece of art!