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Van NOK 300

Get in touch with your inner Viking and grab the oars!

Our rowboat is available for you to explore the fjords the classic way. An excellent choice for family fishing trips or a romantic option for couples who want to explore ‘Lovers Island’. Ulvik looks stunning, seen from the waterside all year round and it will leave a lasting memory in your mind.


Rowboat rental rates
- 1 hour:     300,- nok
- 2 hours:   350,- nok
- 4 hours:   450,- nok
- 8 hours:   650,- nok


- Signing of waiver is required


- Safety vests + Paddles
- Optional to rent fishing equipment


Difficulty and Safety
- At least one adult. Young children should be guided by parents.
- No specific physical condition needed.


Clothing & Equipment
- Recommended to wear wind/rainproof/warm clothing and waterproof boots.

Van NOK 300

Boek Nu! Inquire Booking


To view Ulvik and Osa from the fjord is a whole new and wonderful experience!

In case you just want to make a short trip and explore the Ulvik fjord, the rowboat is the way to go.