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Van NOK 1'500

This is truly a trip to look forward to! The tour is guided and consists of a hike in unspoiled mountains and off - track.

We descend in a 100-meter vertical (50˚) shaft and walk through a tunnel to an opening in the mountain wall 800 meters above the ground!

After this exciting experience we head for Austdalshytte (our mountain cabin). Along the way to the cabin, if so wished, we can do some easy climbing.

- No experience needed for rappelling in tunnel shaft ( ca 52 degrees).

- Experienced guide.
- Packed lunch + drinks.
- Transportation from Osa Kafeen to Viermyr and return
- Safety equipment

Difficulty and Safety
Intermediate. Basic physical condition required. This tour is intended for all age groups
Young children may participate, if accompanied by parents. Participation is your own responsibility.
Availability of the ‘Panorama tunnel in the mountains’ excursion is dependent on weather and snow situation.

Clothing & Equipment
Recommended to wear wind/rainproof/warm clothing and sturdy and waterproof hiking boots.

Van NOK 1'500

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The panorama tunnel tour is a day-long excursion to a stunning viewpoint over Osa while you are standing in a shaft 700 meters above sea level.

With our own transport we will go on our way!

From Osa a winding road goes up the mountains with hairpins, tunnel and a breath-taking view.

At 700 meters we park the car and walk up a steep mountain path to reach the level of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau

We pass by Austdalhytte mountain cabin. On our return walk we stop here for lunch.


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