From NOK 350

A workshop that will light your spark of curiosity. It consists of two parts. 

In part one we explain the science of fire, the chemical process, and some theory.

In part two we teach the many ways of how to make fire using natural elements such as flint, birch, pine, fungus and others.

Then you get to try a few of these ways yourself. Let’s see if you can get a fire going… the primitive way.

- Instructor/guide.
- Instructive materials.

Difficulty and Safety
- For all ages. No specific physical condition required.
- Note: Careful with cotton and synthetic clothing since they easily catch fire, whilst creating sparks for making the fire, or by the fire itself!

Clothing & Equipment
- Recommended to wear wind/rainproof/warm clothing.

From NOK 350

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An instructor will show different ways of how to make fire, use of natural materials and building and maintaining a campfire.

The principles of making fire with the fire bow, plow, handdril, viking steel, silex and fungus, and other ways will be explained but not practiced. That’s for advanced courses.


  1. Ulvik